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The Monday after the seminar I was successfully moving just about every lower cervical or upper thoracic that came in. There were so many break through that I had in just one seminar. I’m so excited to continue this amazing work. Thanks Dr. Woods.

Dr Wood's seminar is the most important thing that i have done. it provided me the greatest insights on where to adjust and how to adjust. This seminar is a MUST for ANY chiropractor!

Dr. Wood is a perfectionist in terms of the Gonstead System. He is an outstanding instructor and will definitely help anyone prepare for becoming a great Gonstead practitioner. Definitely recommend his Bootcamp to anyone.

Dr. Herb Wood is a true master of the Gonstead work and a phenomenal instructor. I went through his entire series twice and I would highly, HIGHLY recommend his boot camp seminars to anyone interested in the Gonstead Method.

Dr wood is the real deal if you want to learn authentic gonstead chiropractic

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