Dr. Wood Seminars

100 Hours Gonstead Boot Camp

Why sign up for Dr. Wood 100 Hours Gonstead Boot Camp Series?

  • Dr. Wood 100 Hours Gonstead Boot Camp Series is approved through the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society (GCSS) to be applied towards the Gonstead Diplomate/Fellow.
  • Hands on galore, at least 75 hours will be on learning the specific positioning for all the techniques taught by Dr. Gonstead.  Including Seventeen techniques on the Knee Chest table!
  • You will learn the technique and be ready to treat your patients with the confidence needed to find and correct the Vertebral Subluxation using the Gonstead System.
  • The 100 Hours Gonstead Boot Camp have a maximum limit of 20 people to ensure you get the right 1 on 1 time and attention.

Gonstead Diplomate/Fellow requirements can be found here:

Video by Alan Bertolero